Optimized Configs

Flex is a free project that aims on optimizing AntiCheats with more
advanced config values that can improve the detection and fix false positives!


  • Easy To Install

    Just copy and paste the Flex config into the existing config and you're all set

  • Designed For Most Servers

    Advanced TPS, Ping, Online Time and Up Time system is used to provide flexibility

  • Support From The Community

    There is a whole community that is able to help you through Discord or GitHub

  • Active In Development

    The config gets updated within a few weeks if there is an update for it

  • Clean Config Layout

    The notes are easier to understand and give some info for certain settings

  • Completely Free

    Flex is completely free to use on any server but donations are always welcome


  • 350+ Hours Of Work
  • 700000+ Requests Last Month
  • 800+ Active Users


Want to give it a try? Its completely free to use and there are currently 2 supported AntiCheats.
If you encounter problems you can make a GitHub report here or join the Discord server here!