Abandoned Project

At some point everything comes to an end and so does this project.
If you're interested in this decision, please scroll down for the whole story.

The Story Behind This Decision

Hello everyone. First thing, a happy late new year, best wishes from me. I want to have a serious conversation with you about me, it's quite silent from my side lately and that has to do with a few things. I started with a new education that is way more difficult then I was hoping so I have to spend so much time into it then I was hoping so. Second thing, almost 1 month ago I had a car accident where I slipped out of a curve when it was slippery and I written off the complete front of the car but my car was my everything... I still have it difficult with that but the good news is I don't have any injuries, the other occupant have no injuries and the car will be fixed again but I have to fix a lot of stuff myself and that also ask a lot of time from me. Third thing, I have a new girlfriend and im really happy with her in my life, i've never felt this good with a person in my life and I don't want to lose her at all. But a small week ago I was on the point of a sort of mental breakdown, I had so much stuff in my head flying around that I have to do, I have to finish and not to forget that I said I have to do something about it before it goes to far. So I come to the following decision... I will discontinue Flex completely. I always did it for free with my free spare time. I did it with a lot of fun but now I don't have high priorities for it anymore so I have to let this fall right now and I will never continue with it anymore. Sorry that it has to go like this but always listen to yourself, that's the important thing in life to get a good and successful life and that's what I want to do right now. If anyone have questions for me please don't hesitate and ask them on Discord and I will answer them. Thanks everyone for the good 4 years this project lasted and a special thanks to everyone that contributed into this project! Love you all!

Message posted in the Flex Discord server at 13-01-2020